Labor Law

We believe in the importance of Unions not just for working people, but for all people. We recognize the contributions of Unions to the workplace rights of today, including the right to a forty-hour work week and to workplace safety.  We also recognize that where Unions are stronger, wages are higher for all people.  

We are proud to have the honor of representing teachers, classified employees, and college professors, and we hope through our work to better the lives of our clients and of students and schools. Through this work, we have gained extensive knowledge of the California Education Code, and we use this knowledge and experience to represent a variety of employees in the educational setting.  We are pleased to be California Teachers Association Group Legal Services attorneys and we recognize the importance of this critical service for dues paying members of the California Teachers Association.

We also have experience with the workplace rights of public and private employees outside of the educational setting, and experience with the organizational rights of employees in California today. We offer representation to unions both before the Public Employment Relations Board and in other contexts as needed.