We are a small firm, with six attorneys and two assistants who help manage our practice. Our attorneys came together out of a commitment to civil rights and to the rights of individuals, and come from a variety of working class backgrounds. As former chambermaids, house painters, waitresses, health clinic workers, United Way workers, legal secretaries and paralegals, we understand the working world. We have worked hard to get where we are today, and we respect and understand that our clients have worked hard to be where they are and deserve dignity and legal treatment in the workplace.

We practice in a variety of areas and offer a variety of legal services. For unions, we offer representation before the California Public Employment Relations Board and legal services for individual members. We are proud and pleased to be California Teachers Association Group Legal Services Attorneys, and we have an extensive Education Law practice. For individual employees, we offer initial one hour consultations, and we use this time to assess your case and to determine what further steps we could take for you.

With our experience in employment law, and our employee-side focus, we are also ideally situated to perform neutral workplace investigations, and two of our partners are members of the California Association of Workplace Investigators and trained to perform investigations. We conduct neutral workplace investigations for employers who need an attorney to provide an outside, unbiased investigation, opinion, and written report.

Carolyn Langenkamp has been practicing law for over thirty years, and her length of service to the legal world as well as her breadth of experience allows her to function as a discovery referee in cases in both State and Federal Court, and as an expert witness in employment and legal malpractice cases.